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jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

The Person that I admire

Hi everyone today I am going to talk about a person that I admire:
His name is Carlos Barrera, he has 47 years old and he is the vet  in charge of the animal rights association where I work as volunteer some times. I know him since I was 12 years old and he is one of the people that inspired to me to study veterinary medicine.
He studied  in the Universidad  Iberoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnología.
He was the director of the veterinary center of La Pintana for many years, now he is the director of all centers in the metropolitan region, but the thing that I most admire of him is his vocation. He always work for the asosiation even without a salary. Also is the vet that always check my dogs and my cat.
I have seen him save many lives of animals that don´t have owner, many cats and dogs who have recovered a chance in this world.
In one time, I saw him make a surgery where he have to cut the bone of the leg of a little dog, for lucky and for his experience today that dog can run and is extremly happy.
Is a really good professional and a nice person also a great teacher and I am grateful to share with him.

My Favorite Subject

This year I have many subjects, like anatomy, histology, economy, epidemiology, animal behaivor, but I have two subjects that really like me. One of them is my Elective "Zootecnology of exotic species" and the other is a obligatory subject Phisiology.
But Why I love this subjects?
Is really easy to explain, Zootecnology is the first class that I have and where I really see things related to my carrear. I have two kinds of exotic animals, my turtles and my hedghog and they are my inspiration to  learn more about this animals and teach to the people how is the correct way to take care of them.

For the other hand fhisiology is the first course in where I learn about the normal conditions of the animals.
Recently I have a clinical practice in the "Clínica Bilbao" with a friend, we have to take care of many dogs and cats, they were really sick and know phisiology was really important during the experience. I always remember to Mateo, a really nice boxer and Gary, a nice cat. Also the teacher Mr. Raggi is really cool, he work with Southamerican camelids.

I wanna work with farm animals in the production area, but theses two subjects are make me think about the posibility to teach some day in this university and the posibility of work with exotic animals, because every days is more the people that have in their home a exotic pet, and if some day I have a lot of money can help to the street dogs.

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Hi everyone today I´m going to talk about: Why I decided to become a vet.
Since I was a little girl I always love animals and my family too. I had really weird pets like a snail or a worm, but when I was in the school I thought in others careers like odontology or obstetrics . Finally I decided to become a vet because I like the field, the animals and the science, so I think that this is My career.
About the university... well my parents and I think that the University of Chile is the best option, becouse is a institution that has a great reputation. I like my uni and enjoy to be here, is a really nice place, but the cafeteria is too small. I like "Mundo Granja" the donkeys, rabbits, sheeps, and horses is a really relaxing place.
When I think in my future I dream with work in the south of Chile or in the Patagonia with cows or horses,  obviusly I have to care with me all my pets, including my cat Penolope if I want to go to live there.

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

How about me?

Hi everyone, well …
My name is Javiera Rodríguez and I´m studying for be a vet in the University of Chile.  Since I was a child I always love all kind of animals, because my parent had different pets like little chickens, puppies and older dogs. Today my house is a really zoo, I have 4 dogs, a boxer, a cocker spaniel and two mixes, one cat, three turtles and one hedgehog. Is really fun when some people arrive at home and all the pets go out to see WHO IS? They have their own personalities, but in general they are very friendly with themselves.
But, How About me?
Every day I wake up and get up about 7:30 in the morning, and after my breakfast, I drive around 40 minutes before arrive to the university.  During the day I take my classes and then I try to go home between the chaos of the traffic.
I´m like go out a lot, but during the year I try to focus in my study. The most of the time I have to prepare some test or take care of mi animals, but the weekends I like have dinner with some friends and dancing, maybe see a movie.
In the summer I took a english course in the Instituto Chileno Norteamericano, and was a very good experience, I met nice people and I learned many things. I really like english and I´m exciting to be here.